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Changes proposed to state bylaws

08/17/2017, 8:00am CDT
By Mike Juby

The following proposed Bylaw changes have been approved by the board and will become effective upon a majority vote at the State Body Meeting in Salina on October 8.

  • Article II (14): Change the state tournament date to the weekend two weeks earlier than currently scheduled. The format and age groups would remain the same as we have now.
  • Article I (4) Rule 1-2-3: Change the time between matches to 10 minutes.
  • Article II (13): Use a draw system each year after the conclusion of the district tournaments.
  • Article II: Eliminate the application of Article I (4) Rule 4-4-2 for state qualifying series tournaments. This removes the maximum weight spread for the state series, relying on the existing NFHS rules.
  • Article I (4) Rule 6-1-1: Change High School division to 1:30 periods (instead of 2:00)
  • Article II (6): Change the Qualifying series entry fees to $25.00.
  • When USAW-KS sponsors or supports teams that participate in events, such as dual team formats or individual tournament competitions, Kansas wrestlers will not be allowed to participate in these events outside the USAW-KS process. For example, Kansas wrestlers will not be allowed to participate in these events as individual competitors not affiliated with USAW-KS, or with additional teams formed outside the USAW-KS process. If there is a USAW-KS qualifying process, such as a qualifying tournament or application process, to make any of these USAW-KS teams, each individual must participate in the required qualifying process to attend these events. If an individual participates in the qualifying process, and is not asked to be a part of the USAW-KS team, then he may participate outside the USAW-KS teams if allowed to do so by the event. A Kansas wrestler is an individual who is either a resident of Kansas or attends a Kansas school.

In other matters the board voted to move the clubs in Coffey County and Osage County from District 1 to District 3 as part of the ongoing effort to maintain a fair balance between the districts. This change is effective for the 2017-18 season.

Three proposals were considered and rejected by the board:

  • Section II(2): Add statement/sentence that says, “If the individual being ejected is a minor (ie: student) then Rule 8, Article 8 of the High School rulebook will be enforced by the host of the sanctioned event”.
  • Proposal to move to 8 Districts
  • Requirement that all USAW-Kansas sanctioned tournaments must use TrackWrestling.

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