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Scoreclocks available for rental

Current Score Clock Schedule

If your club or school is interested in renting these clocks, please contact Richard Salyer (click to email or phone him at 316-541-2764).  Scoreclocks are available under the following priority table and at the rates listed.  To guarantee a spot in the priority table, four weeks advance reservation is required (reservations are not accepted prior to September 1 of the current fiscal year).  The clocks must be transported by the club or school and they must be tied down.  They must be returned within 48 hours after their use unless other written arrangements are made with the clock custodian.

The clocks are available in the following priority (subject to the foregoing rules):

  1. Clocks will be available to USAWKS Kids State Championship Series at no charge.
  2. Kansas colleges may use up to six clocks at a time at no charge.
  3. The Kansas State High School State Championships may use them at $100 per clock.
  4. The first club that wants at least 16 clocks and reserves them at least 4 weeks in advance, but no earlier than September 1. The club will get the clocks at $50 a clock including the use of a trailer.
  5. Any club that wants less than 16 clocks gets them at $50 each but must arrange their own transportation if the trailer is not available.
  6. Any in-state wrestling event that is not club sponsored such as high school or college gets them for $50 each.
  7. Any out of state group, subject to approval by the state chairman, shall pay an out of state charge of $200 per clock.